On Wednesday, April 14thNashville Mayor John Cooper announced that COVID restrictions applying to bars, restaurants, and outdoor gathering venues will be lifted as of April 16th.  The updated restrictions are as follows:

  • Total capacity for seated, socially-distanced patrons increases to 225 per floor of establishment
  • Closing time is back to 3:00 a.m.
  • The number of people allowed to sit together/gather increases to 15 persons (indoor) and 25 persons (outdoor)
  • Outdoor venues can reach up to 40% of total capacity; indoor venues can fill up to 33% of total capacity
  • For indoor gatherings of up to 3,000 persons, pre-approval and guidance from the Metro Public Health Department must still be obtained

The current requirements, effective until April 16th, are as follows:

The Following Guidance for Phase 3 Remains is Currently in Effect: 

Restaurants, Limited Service Restaurants, and Bars: 

Note: All restaurants and bars are now operating under the same set of Public Health standards.

  • Restaurants and bars capacity changes to maintaining social distancing, with a maximum of 175 people per floor.
  • Restaurants and bars may seat guests at bar counters maintaining social distancing between parties.
  • 1:00am last call and service for food/beverage establishments.
  • All persons off premises by 2:00am.
  • “No Seat, No Service.” Customers must be seated at tables in parties of 10 or fewer.
  • “Stand up, Mask up.” Customers must wear masks while standing or walking through the restaurant.
  • Self-service food, beverage and shared condiments are not permitted.
  • All surfaces must be cleaned after use by a patron.
  • The use of disposable, virtual or no-touch menus is recommended.
  • Live music or entertainment is allowed, subject to the conditions set out Public Health Order 7. There must be a barrier between performers and audience.
  • No dance floors permitted. To the extent possible, tables can be placed on dance floors or the dance floor area shall be physically closed off.
  • Ancillary or participatory activities including, but not limited to, arcade games, pool, football, darts, laser tag, or similar activities may open but must be sanitized between each use. Cleaning supplies should be provided alongside such participatory activities for customers to use between each use.
  • For sexually oriented businesses, social distancing must be maintained with a maximum of up to 175 people per floor and maximum party size is 10 people per table.
  • Order 10 from the Metro Public Health Department, took effect Saturday, August 8, 2020 and prohibits the following in the Downtown and Midtown areas:
    • the open consumption or possession in an open container of any alcoholic beverage outside of permitted establishments;
    • any sale of alcohol by a restaurant except when sold for consumption on premises or for off-premises delivery;
    • any sale of alcohol by a limited service or restaurant or bar except when sold for off-premises delivery; and
    • all curbside and to-go sales of alcoholic beverages.

Last modified: April 16, 2021