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Now Requiring Applicants to Obtain Their Own Background Checks

In 2018, Director McDonough and the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Beer Board (“Beer Board”) rolled out its online, electronic system for the filing of applications and the payment of annual privilege tax.  As part of Nashville’s “ePermits” system, the database provides for integration into other Metro departments and is proving to be an efficient and effective way to process applications and obtain permits.

A tour of the Beer Board’s system can be accessed, as well as the application process started, HERE 

One recent change worth noting is the requirement for businesses who wish to sell beer to now obtain and submit their own background checks for individuals with an ownership interest of 5% or greater.  There are two vendor options included on the Beer Board website ( for accomplishing this task.  The vendors are “IdentGO” and “IntegraScan.”

You can read more about these vendors here:



It is worth noting that IdentGO comes with a fingerprinting requirement, where IntegraScan does not. Both companies conduct nationwide background searches, which is a Beer Board requirement.  Also, the Beer Board has advised us that there have been some recent issues with IntegraScan, where results for other individuals have popped up on an applicant’s background check.  Hopefully these issues are rare and now resolved.

If you have any questions about the beer permitting process or other alcohol or beer permitting or licensing issues, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. 

Last modified: February 12, 2019