Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Charges Suspects with Online Sale of Alcohol

Written by | TABC News


Seventeen suspects have been charged with illegal sales of alcoholic beverages resulting from law enforcement agents from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (“TABC”) conducting statewide sting operations targeting online ads on Craigslist and other social media outlets.  Undercover agents seized sixty-nine bottles of alcohol that were sold to them during the undercover operations which took place on street corners, parking lots, and places of business.


“Our agency has seen an increase in website and social media posts where buyers and sellers engage in illegal, unlicensed sale of alcohol,” said Executive Director Clay Byrd. “Any sales outside Tennessee’s regulatory structure and permitting process are not only illegal but could also pose a significant and unknown health risk.”


The concerns over sales without proper permits and licenses include health and safety, counterfeiting, sales to minors, and tax evasion.


Here is the TABC’s full press release: 



Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding the selling, sharing or collecting of alcoholic beverages.  For our serious collectors, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission issues a “Collectors License” which allows the holder to display and sell commercially unavailable alcoholic beverage products for collection only (not for consumption).






Last modified: May 11, 2018